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In the complex operates a car wash for the two posts.



The complex offers residents and the city of Luhansk, offers secure parking for two cars. Within the park there are 2 areas: indoor and outdoor. There is a system of monthly subscriptions.



sewWe offer our visitors and residents to provide a professional seamstress. Efficiently, reliably, and in no time your order will be executed.

Салон АкварельhearcutIn the Studio Beauty "Akvarel" prestigious group «SalonExpert», which is located on the first floor of the hotel "Druzhba" you can transform externally: women's, men's haircuts and styling, coloring, laminating, and treatment of hair extensions, hardware manicure, pedicure, gel nail , waxing, evening, wedding hairstyles, professional make-up.

belg prachWe offer a laundry service, ironing in our laundry for organizations and businesses!

Highly qualified personnel, technological control over the execution of each stage of the washing process, the latest equipment from leading manufacturers - is a guarantee of excellent quality that we offer.

Also happy to provide operational services for laundering corporate customers (restaurant, kitchen, bed linens, clothing, curtains and blinds, covers and other products). Ready order will be waiting for you already in a day!

For our regular customers a discount system!

 Contact:  (0642) 34-19-31
+7 (959) 127-69-83 (Lugacom)


sauna 26Hour Sauna VIP class "Camelot" - the modern sauna in Lugansk, its noble interior will make you feel unique comfort that complement the dishes of Armenian and Home Russian cuisine.

 Here We offer:

  • The compact 2-berth Finnish sauna with Jacuzzi, max capacity 3 persons, the price of 12 USD / hour;
  • Cozy 4-bed Finnish sauna with Jacuzzi, max 6 people vmestitelnsot, the price from 8.00 to 14.00 - 18 USD, from 14.00 to 8.00 - 25 USD;
  • The spacious 7-seater Finnish sauna and a heated pool 3x4 and waterfall, max capacity 10 people, the price from 8.00 to 14.00 - 18 USD, from 14.00 to 8.00 - 25 USD;
  • Traditional 4-berth Russian bath with a refreshing cold pool, max 6 people vmestitelnsot, the price from 8.00 to 14.00 - 18 USD, from 14.00 to 8.00 - 25 USD;
    • Bathing cap is included in the price;
    •  Broom - 4 USD.;
    • Disposable slippers - 3 USD.
  • Banquet room and a recreation room in every room;
  • Professional massage (medical, general, anti-cellulite);
  • Services of highly skilled attendant, bath procedure for one person from USD 12.

Optional: For each client, the sauna, the standard capacity of more than extra payment - 3 USD. for each hour stay.

Contact:   (0642) 53-15-88
(0642) 34-15-88
+7 (959) 129-50-31 (Lugacom)


healthMedical center "Helios" provides a wide range of services: Consulting physiotherapist. Also magneto-laser-ultrasound therapy. Massage. Electrical stimulation of the neuromuscular system. Acupuncture. Unique apparatus for stretching of the spine.

Mandatory pre-registration!



cosmeticCenter of Medical Cosmetology "Aphrodite" is headed by dermatologist, cosmetologist first category Tatyana V. Litvinov, professional knowledge and practice for more than 20 years. The center's employees are constantly improving their skills, attend seminars, international conferences, symposia held in the world of aesthetic cosmetology. We always strive to ensure that our center combines the latest technology and certified products. A combination of methods can yield excellent results. There is the development in the treatment of acne. With us you can always get expert advice dermatologist-cosmetologist and learn about new techniques in the field of medical cosmetology.

Victory over the age of today is not a fairy tale, but a reality, if you are in the hands of professionals! The range of services includes: beauty shots - the drug "Dysport" (smoothing facial wrinkles), Contour - filling in wrinkles, lip shape, recovery of facial contours. Biorevitalization, mesotherapy. Mikrodermoabraziya. Rejuvenating peels. Removal of papillomas, warts, vessels, etc.

Radio wave lifting. Laser hair removal. Figure Correction - SPA-wrapping, Starvak, Spanish massage. Tattooing. Infrared sauna.

Contact: (0642) 34-19-43
+7 (959) 155-53-33 (Lugacom)